Painting the Canvas


Painting the Canvas

When you own a commercial property, it is important to keep it looking neat and professional.  One way to keep the canvas of your parking lot looking good is to seal coat it – think of it like preventative maintenance, just like you would paint a building to keep the weather out so the wood will not deteriorate.

When you seal coat a parking lot, not only does it look good, but it fills in all the little cracks, preventing water from seeping in and causing bigger cracks.  And, of course, it makes it look almost brand new!  And, when the surface is smooth and non-porous, then dirt and debris tend to wash away more quickly, keeping it looking like a fresh, new canvas.

In addition to keeping out water, a good seal coat can also reduce the exposure of the asphalt to oxygen and UV rays and it can reduce how far oil, gas or other chemicals can penetrate into the asphalt, which can cause future problems for the longevity of your parking lot.

And, of course, having a wonderful, clean and clear black canvas on which to paint parking stripes makes for a beautiful finish.

Keep in mind that sealcoating only costs pennies per square foot and it a more cost effective way of making sure your asphalt service has the longest life possible.  The cost of taking up old asphalt and laying down new is prohibitive by comparison.

If you would like the canvas of your parking lot renewed, then give us a call at Marino Paving.  We are happing to answer questions and give you a quote on making your parking lot look renewed.   

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