The Importance of Protecting Cracked Asphalt.


The Importance of Protecting Cracked Asphalt.

As we talked about in an earlier blog posting, sealcoating asphalt parking lots and driveways is one of the best ways of protecting and prolong the life of an investment.  That investment being the parking lot of your business or the driveway of your home.  One main factor is that proper sealcoating can help prevent to creation of cracks in the pavement, but what if cracks have already appeared?

When an asphalt surface gets a crack in it, this is an open invitation for water and debris to fall is, freeze and thaw, and cause expansion.  This in turn causes more cracking and soon your parking lot is full of pot holes as the cracked pieces of asphalt began to crumble.  However, treating these cracks will go a long way in slowing down and even halting the growth of these unsightly and possibly dangerous breaks in the surface.

There are three types of sealants that are typically used for both commercial and residential surfaces.  In deciding which one is best for your situation you should consider several factors. 

  1. The overall age of the asphalt surface
  2. The amount of traffic the surface endures. This can vary widely for commercial parking lots as well as residential driveways.
  3. The range and severity of, on average, of the weather and climate of your area.

There is no need to fret when it comes to making the decision on which product to use.  Here at Marino Paving we have been servicing the commercial and residential paving needs of clients all over New Jersey.  Contact us to speak to a professional regarding your needs and to schedule an estimate today.  It is vital to address and issues with your asphalt services before the arrival of fall and winter and the water, ice and snow they are sure to bring.  We look forward to hearing from you and discussing ALL of your paving needs.




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