Parking Lot Maintenance is Important


Parking Lot Maintenance is Important

Have you ever pulled a string on a sweater? When you do that, it creates a hole that keeps getting bigger and bigger! Just that same type of thing begins to happen when a parking lot or large paved area gets a crack in it. The paving begins to deteriorate as moisture gets under the pavement and the weather causes freezing and thawing that expands and makes the crack larger.

Once an actual hole appears in the pavement, the deterioration begins to speed up and the pavement will begin to crumble. However, there is an answer. If you do regular maintenance and catch the crack before it becomes a hole, you can slow down the deterioration.

Crack sealing is the first line of defense and it is a good idea to do it in either the Spring or the Fall when the weather is more temperate. By sealing the crack, the moisture is kept out and the freezing and thawing will not cause as much damage to the pavement.

Please give us a call and we can come and give you an assessment of the condition of the parking lot at your business.

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