Marino Paving—Professional Paving for Your Business


Marino Paving—Professional Paving for Your Business

For many of your clients, their first impression of you is formed by how the outside of your office looks—and the very first thing they usually see is the parking lot!

The first step in creating a professional paving job is to address any problems and/or issues that have been created by weather or long-term wear and tear on the pavement. At Marino Paving we take all the steps necessary to create a level base prior to laying down the asphalt.

Once the substructure has been fixed, it is then time to put down the asphalt. A truly professional asphalt job does not have any seams. (However, if you look at many parking lots you can see the overlap between the sections of asphalt!) We take pride in creating a professional finish for our clients.

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